Madonna is working with the London Community Gospel Choir who sung the choir parts in Nothing Fails


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You will not go down on history being the person your parents want you to be

If you don’t look like this in the end, you are not working out #fit #workout #me #boy #sweat #summer #healthy

My psychologist told me to draw myself as I am right now, this is what I did.


There was once a very lovely, very frightened girl.

she lived alone except for a nameless cat

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1961

I really dislike this movie. She’s pretty much the original manic pixie dream girl. And there’s that whole thing with Mickey Rooney in yellowface that everyone likes to forgets to mention.

Wow, you must feel really special criticising a 53 year old movie, have you ever heard this quote “growing up means realising how many things don’t need your comment”? because I think you should aply it.

ok, I’m going to elaborate on this.

Holly unlike many other charchters has had a rough life, she is afraid of people, she is an introvert extrovert. She had to marry Doc at a very young age just to keep her family alive, and when she fled to new york, her brother was taken to the military and later *SPOILER* he dies before she can take care of him. She is hurt by life, she is afraid that if she ever lets anybody in they will hurt her.

The movie and the book are odes to human relationships, to the real vulnerability behind the happy looks, Holly is not a silly girl who has it all and is perfect, she is depicted with many flaws but with virtues also (as any human being) she is a prostitute, but she cares deeply about her brother, and in the end she meets someone who finally stands up to her and makes her conquer her fears.

And the Mickey Rooney thing is just old, Blake Edwards has gone on record many times saying it was a mistake, and the film has already recieved enough backlash for that.

So basically, it infurates me to see a hipster blog trying to tear down an amazing movie using words that she doesen’t even fully comprehend like “manic pixie” and using “yellowface” as an excuse to look cool by just being “rebellious” or “underground”, also have you even seen the fucking movie?  because I’m 90% sure that you are just repeating things you’ve heard like a parrot, like 99% of tumblr at this point.

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bangmygong Question:
You look more and more handsome with every selfie you post

Ready to become a college student


teenagexwhore Question:
youre lke really hot

omfggg thank you!!!!!!!!!!!11 you were one of the first blogs I followed and that’s just so fucking flatterin gdskjfbjahghfbvdkbas

I hate it when gay guys get all, oh you are sooooo gaaay and act all superior because they don’t listen to pop music, excuse me but in the end of the day listening to rock music doesn’t change the fact that you shove dicks up your ass.



Madonna be like



Except 1. Madonna has been vocal and honest about her age and not caring what people think a 55 year old should be doing and 2. Tumblr is so “OMG OWN YOUR BEAUTY” and “GIRL POWER” and “DO WHAT YOU WANT WEAR WHAT YOU WANT” but when it comes to Madonna she’s somehow not allowed because she’s “old.”

Ageism is not cute y’all

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